All conveyors that require conveyor belts, such as belt conveyor belt conveyors, must be connected in a ring shape for use. Therefore, the quality of the conveyor belt joint directly affects the service life of the conveyor belt and whether the conveyor equipment can run smoothly and smoothly. The common methods of conveyor belt joints include mechanical joints, cold joints, and hot vulcanized joints.

Bucket elevators are generally required to be equipped with backstops to prevent the chain bucket group and its materials from being reversed when the machine is suddenly stopped. Therefore, the selection of the drive device is generally the speed reducer of the Y series motor with the backstop, such as Hardened surface reducer such as ZLY, ZSY, DCY (DCYK), ZJY. When the motor power exceeds 18.5KW, it is generally equipped with a fluid coupling to make the starting more stable.

Belt conveyor belt deviation is a common problem in use, so how to deal with this problem correctly? The following small series will take you to take a look at the way to deal with belt deviation. First, the belt deviation is the most common fault when the belt conveyor is running. Pay attention to the dimensional accuracy of the installation and daily maintenance. Then there are many reasons for deviation, and it needs to be treated differently according to different reasons.
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